Stockton Scottish Rite

340 East Market Street, Stockton, CA 95202

(209) 466-3391


The Stockton Scottish Rite Language Center receives referrals from numerous sources including physicians, health professionals, patient referrals, and the yellow pages. More than 100 children are normally seen for therapy each week.

After a referral is received, the following occurs:

  • An intake form is mailed to the parent or guardian.

  • The intake form is returned to the Stockton Scottish Rite Language Center., then the child is placed on the waiting list for an evaluation (The wait list is approximately 6 months).

  • An evaluation is scheduled and upon completion of the evaluation, the child is placed on the waiting list for therapy if warranted.

The evaluation is approximately a 2-hour process which involves a parent interview, formal and informal assessments, and a discussion of preliminary results with the parents, followed by a written report of the evaluation.

Therapy sessions are held twice a week during the academic year, with each session being 50 minutes in length. The Spring semester begins in mid-January, the Summer semester begins in early June, and the Fall semester begins in early September.