Stockton Scottish Rite

340 East Market Street, Stockton, CA 95202

(209) 466-3391


What Are The Masons?

Masons (also known as Freemasons) belong to the oldest and largest fraternal organization in the world. Today, there are more than two million Freemasons in North America. Masons come from diverse political ideologies, yet meet as friends. Masons come from varied races, religious beliefs and creeds, yet all believe in one God.

What Is Free Masonry?

Its singular purpose is to make good men better. Its bonds of friendship, compassion, and brotherly love have survived even the most diverse political, military, and religious conflicts through the centuries. Freemasonry is a fraternity which encourages its members to practice the faith of their personal acceptance. Masonry teaches that each person, through self-improvement and helping others, has an obligation to make a difference for good in the world.

What Do Mason Do?

Beyond it’s focus on individual development and growth, Masonry is deeply involved in helping people. The Freemasons of North America contribute over two million dollars a day to charitable causes. This philanthropy represents an unparalleled example of the humanitarian commitment of the great and honorable Fraternity. Most of that assistance goes to people who are not Masons.

So Who Are The Masons?

Masons are men of good character who strive to improve themselves And make the world a better place. They belong to the oldest and most honorable fraternity known to man. If you think you may be interested in becoming a member, you can begin by contacting a lodge in your area or speaking to a Mason.


Lodge of Perfection
Chapter of Knights Rose Croix
Council of Knights Kadosh

An appendant order of Freemasonry for Mason seeking further light in freemasonry. The Scottish Rite Masons maintain Children’s Hospitals, Children’s Medical Care Clinics and 165 Childhood Language Disorder Clinics. One language center is located in Stockton California. The Scottish Rite Masons of the Stockton area also maintains the Almoner’s Warehouse, 33 W. Alpine, providing free medical equipment to anyone in need. There Is never a charge for any service or supplies provided to the public. You must be a Master Mason to join.

York Rite of Freemasonry

Royal Arch Masons
Cryptic Masons
Knight Templar

Appendant orders of Freemasonry for Masons seeking further light in freemasonry. Known worldwide for the Cryptic Masons Medical research Foundation, Knights Templar Eye Foundation and scholarship funds. There is never a charge for any services or supplies provided to the public. You must be a Master Mason to join.


Ancient & Accepted Order of Nobel of the Mystic Shrine

One of the better known among the Mason organizations, the Shriners are famous worldwide for the Shrine Hospital. The Shrine Hospitals are a recognized authority in the treatment of burned and orthopedically impaired children. The Shiners are a social group that support the hospitals. There is never a charge for any services or supplied provided to the public . You must be a Master Mason to join.

Order of The Eastern Star

Eastern Star strives to take good people and through uplifting and elevating associations of love and service, and through precept and example, build an Order which is truly dedicated to charity, truth, and loving kindness. Concrete evidence of the charitable nature of the organization as its affects others is the millions of dollars which have been raised within the membership to support charities. This is a lady organization. Membership is open to Master Masons and female relatives of Master Masons.

Order of the Amaranth

Fraternally, the Order endeavors to develop the moral character of its members through a belief in a Supreme Being and the teachings of the lessons of Truth, Faith, Wisdom and Charity. Each member is taught to care for the welfare of her and his fellow members. Provides an opportunity to meet together with people with similar interests and fulfill the basic human need for social companionship. For all courts and their members, civic and charitable projects are a main stay for each year’s activities. The main charity is the Amaranth Diabetes Foundation. This is a lady organization. Membership is open to Master Masons and female relatives of Master Masons.

Masonic Youth Groups

Rainbow Girls

Rainbow is open to girls between the ages of 11 and 20, regardless of Race, creed, color or national origin. You do not have to be Christian to be a members. You can be assured that the values promoted by Rainbow are strong and basic to many religions.

Jobs Daughters

If you are a young lady between the ages of 10 and 20, and would like more Information on how you can join, be sure to talk to your parents. You must Be related to a Mason.

Order of DeMolay

DeMolay opens doors for young men ages 12 to 21 by developing the civic awareness, personal responsibility and leadership skills.


Only the Mason Lodges are open to membership without first being a Master Mason. Rainbow and Demolay are open to any boy or girl that Qualifies. Your questions are welcome, either at the numbers listed below or any organization described.

Morning Star Lodge #19 (209) 465-3711
Keystone Lodge #161 (209) 951-0766
Lodi Lodge #256 (209) 333-6835
Woodbridge Lodge # 131 (209) 957-9704
Valley Lodge #135 (209) 887-3671
Tyrian Lodge #439 (209) 823-4357
Mount Oso Lodge #460 (209) 835-7036

Area Order of DeMolay
Stockton Chapter (209) 474-1396
Lodi Chapter (209) 477-4756
Manteca Chapter (209) 823-7214
Area of Rainbow for Girls
Stockton #9 (209) 953-1595
Tracy #32 (209) 836-5229
Manteca #38 209) 239-9529
Linden #120 (209) 763-2677
Woodbridge/Lodi Cloud 7 #269 (209) 745-0952